Superdry issues statement as Lincoln Cornhill store closes down due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’

A city centre clothing store has closed down abruptly due to unforeseen circumstances. Situated in a prominent location within Lincoln’s Cornhill, the Superdry store is now shut to the public with a sign in the door thanking shoppers for their support.

The sign reads: “Due to unforeseen circumstances this is now closed. Thank you for your support. There is no more information to be given at this time.”

Superdry has since confirmed that there are no plans to close any of its other UK stores. A spokesperson for the company said: “We can confirm that the Superdry store in Lincoln, which is operated by our franchisee under licence from Superdry, is in the process of closing.

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“The majority of Superdry’s stores in the UK are operated directly by Superdry and there are no plans to close any of them at the present time.” Lincoln shoppers have shared their thoughts on the closure and offered ideas for what should and shouldn’t take its place.

A sign has been placed in the door of Superdry, Lincoln
A sign has been placed in the door of Superdry, Lincoln
(Image: Lincolnshire Live)

One shopper, Michelle Langley, 43, said: “It’s a shame to see it close but I never saw many people shopping in there. I think it would suit another clothes shop but maybe something a bit better than Superdry. I think a Zara would be a good fit.”

Colin Hake, from Lincoln, feels that the building has a lot of potential. The 64-year-old said: “I haven’t shopped there myself but it’s never good to see any shop close. It’s clearly in a great place so there’s a lot of potential. As long as it’s not a restaurant or café, we have plenty of those.”

Another shopper, Pat Nelson, 68, said: “It’s a terrific location in the centre of town so it’s hard to see why the shop has closed but that’s how it is nowadays. Hopefully they make good use of the building. Ideally not another food place, they seem to be everywhere you look in Lincoln.”

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