36 Lincolnshire words and their meanings

Lincolnshire has a rich dialect which dates back hundreds of years.

For most people outside of our county, it may sound like another language altogether.

So for the next time you are speaking to frim foak who are less well-versed with our words, Lincolnshire Live has created a guide to some of our favourite words.

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Lincolnshire words and their meanings

1) Beeling – crying

2) Arrad – tired

3) Chelp – cheek

4) Skelled – tipped

5) Moithered – flustered

6) Unepen – awkward

7) Gool – puddle

8) Snecking – being nosy/having a look

9) Mantle – walk

10) Kelchin’ – heavy rain

Heavy rain Lincoln
Heavy rain pictured in Lincoln
(Image: Anna Draper/ Lincolnshire Echo)

11) Cluft – smack

12) Emps piece – a choice cut or ‘best bit’

13) Grufty – dirty

14) Cock-apparel – overdo pomp and ceremony

15) Kirk – church

16) Hossacking – laughing loudly

17) Coath – to swoon or be taken ill

18) Chuntering – moaning

19) Gorming – looking

20) Mawks – maggots

21) Nicetish – a fair amount

22) Meagrim – headache

Quite a few of us may be experiencing this when we wake up
(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

23) Smopple – too weak for the job

24) Blab – to divulge

25) Chimbley – chimney

26) Lolloping – lazily leaning on something

27) Chuddy – chewing gum

28) Recklin – runt, small

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29) Hargle – to argue

30) A load of kilter and rammel – what a load of rubbish

31) Shan – disgrace or outrage

32) One of the frim foak – someone from another county

33) Conger – cucumber

34) Fullock – force

35) Brog – to poke and prod

36) Squad – mud

What are your favourite Lincolnshire words? Let us know in the comments below.

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